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Bastard Offspring of Johnny Cash Plays Mohawk Austin

Like the bastard offspring of Johnny Cash and Lightnin’ Hopkins, blues-punk rocker Scott H. Birams raucously raw sound is cleverly juxtaposed with intelligent lyrics and his songs go down like a handful of amphetamines chased by a gallon of cheap whiskey. Biram recently released Bad Ingredients, his fourth album for Blood sho Records. A decidedly different record for those of you who have been following his decade-plus career, Bad Ingredients — which was recorded at Biram’s home studio in Austin — delivers his classic riotous style (“Dontcha Lie To Me Baby” and “Victory Song”), but also showcases a quieter more mature side of Biram. There’s a sweet country love song (“Broke Ass”), a waltz (“Memories of You Sweetheart”), a Lightnin’ Hopkins song (“Have You Ever Loved a Woman”), and a R&B throwback (I Want My Mojo Back).

Averaging around 300 gigs per year, Biram has preached his gospel of blues, punk, country, metal and psychobilly to an audience of heshers, barflies and intellectuals. As a one-man band, Biram surrounds himself on stage with vintage guitars, a wall of beat-up old amplifiers, and some big-rig grilled subwoofers that power a self-constructed stomp board. Biram’s live set is a transcendentally spiritual experience that pummels the audience with a blazing intensity and fury that can only be matched by four piece punk bands; it is a sight to behold and something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. If Biram’s performance does not make you want to raise your hands and shout “Amen!”, nothing will. Austinites will have their next opportunity to be saved by the gospel of Biram at The Mohawk on Saturday, November 26th when Biram returns from his Bad Ingredients tour.


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