the original adobeairstream ©Kate Russell

How’d You Get the Name?

Let me invoke now the photo shoot that unearthed a stuccoed travel trailer and the immortal words, “the only thing better than an Airstream is an AdobeAirstream.

The History

AdobeAirstream hatched as an idea on a hike near the Continental Divide in Colorado back when in 2008. By March 2009 we were publishing five new posts twice a week. By 2012 we were way way out in front of the digital pack. We had redesigned this website twice. We published new content daily and a podcast twice a month. We conducted live events with arts partners including SITE Santa Fe and Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We were visited more than half a million times by a three-quarters majority of visitors in the US and a one-quarter minority from other countries.

What’s New?

A brief resuscitation (no commitment for how long she’ll keep breathing this time) because it seems like a good idea.