Native American and World Cinema Films at Sundance

Tungijuq (above), directed by Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël is in the short film competition at the Sundance Film Festival this year along with Shimasani, directed by Blackhorse Lowe (Dine). The description of Shimasani outlines what has come to be in Native films a predictable story about a girl whose encounter with something from outside the culture, in this case a “World Geography” book, unleashes a conflict between her desire to stay with her grandmother or to go.


Heather Rae (Cherokee) who produced Shimasani, also has the producer credit on the The Dry Land, in US dramatic competition, about a US soldier returning home to Texas with a serious case of alienation, starring America Ferrera of Ugly Betty.

The stars of Boy: Te Aho Eketone-Whitu and James Rolleston.

The stars of 'Boy': Te Aho Eketone-Whitu and James Rolleston.

The world cinema dramatic competition At Sundance this year puts neck and neck the New Zealand film Boy, with the Greenland film, Nuummioq. Both are world premieres and the Greenland movie bills itself as the first feature film to emerge from that country.

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