Doride by Karim Rashid for Artemide

Karim Rashid and Tom Dixon: The Poetics of Product

On October 6 Karim Rashid speaks on a poetics of “product” at the World Design Insight Forum in Seoul, South Korea. His Karimanifesto deals in  how the human experience criterion leads design (body as site of poetical intervention?). Manufacturing, next, enters the picture. “The business of beauty,” per Karimanifesto, is a complex physics of “capital, market share, production, distribution, maintenance, service, performance, quality, ecological issues and sustainability.”

Never mind. Sometimes things of beauty are indeed glorious and such is the case with the Doride floor lamp by Rashid, for


The line in short between product and environment is shrinking, and such is the principle of a local design retailer, Molecule Design, where Adriana Siso used the occasion of Design Santa Fe weekend to spotlight a new product emphasis on the work of Karim Rashid’s fellow British designer, Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon works can be seen locally, and Dixon has carried out globally (in wider-scaled interiors projects) the notion of British social club, into such contexts as Tokyo, or restaurants, with a very late-modern-contemporary sensibility. This short post offers up two new light forms as exemplary of how great a light is as a design “product” that transmutes into a poetics of experience. I dare say.

Tom Dixon Bulb Chandelier

Tom Dixon, Bulb Chandelier


Tom Dixon lighting installed at Molecule Design, Santa Fe

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