Drive Your Electric Car to Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville, Texas is a small town, 17 miles north of Austin—a straight shot on I-35. Following efforts in Austin to further electric car use in Texas, Pflugerville recently announced that its first charging station will go in on Pecan Street, according to Austin Business Journal. In addition, the town of about 16,500 people recently unveiled plans for a Renewable Energy Park, coinciding with the new year.

“The solar grid-powered, two-pump electric car charging station is part of a greater effort to attract green technology companies to Pflugerville and its Renewable Energy Park to be built on a 167-acre tract of land near State Highway 130,” Cody Lyon of Austin Business Journal writes.

While it is, “projected [that] Austinites would be driving 190,000 electric vehicles by 2020,” writes Marty Toohey of the Austin American Statesman.

According to the Statesman, Austin has 103 electric car charging stations, installed since September 2011. All part of a Federally funded initiative. Toohey continues, “The charging stations are part of a broader city initiative to reduce Austin’s reliance on fuels that emit greenhouse gases, which most climate scientists say contribute to global climate change.”

The City of Austin has also initiated Electric Vehicle Rebates. Learn more about electric cars in Texas at Plug-in Texas.

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