Austin Art, Surviving in 2012

Although we continue to see reports that Austin cannot sustain its art scene, as financial matters continue to worsen, our favorite art venues start 2012 off with a bang anyway. (More on In 2011, finances painted a gray picture for the Austin arts scene here.)

Laurie Frick installs a series of elaborate charts, monitoring how many steps she’s walked, or calories she’s eaten, in her exhibition Quantify Me at Women and Their Work, January 14 – March 10.

Co-Lab presents The Development of Actuality: Robert Jackson Harrington, January 21-28, 2012—a typhoon of colorful “potentials” are more like a collection of overlooked household equipment, rearranged to resemble something beyond ordinary.

sculpture by Diana Al-Hadid

At UT’s Visual Arts Center, Diana Al-Hadid, according to the website, exhibits “work [that] mines ancient Biblical and mythological narratives, Gothic and Classical architecture, iconic western painting, Islamic ornamentation, and scientific advances in physics and astronomy as a source of visual imagery and content.” January 27 – March 10.

Finally, Domy Books starts the year with Dudes on Pizza by Michelle Devereux. Yes, it’s that simple—“a series of realistically rendered drawings combining airbrush and colored pencil that depict some of her fellow Austin artists hoverboarding through surreal landscapes on slices of pizzas.” But, isn’t that refreshing!

Austin Contemporary on the Rise

Austin Contemporary on the Decline

Feature Image: courtesy of Robert Harrington

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