AdobeAirstream Gift Guide 2011: More Experiences, Less Stuff!

Okay, well maybe a little stuff enters into our first writer’s AdobeAirstream gift guide. Such as (above): A mahogany bicycle down to the rims by a ninth-generation Japanese shipwright who also made a pretty nifty mahogany sailing canoe a couple years ago.

Mahogany sailing canoe by Sano

The Japanese mahogany precision engineering came to my attention courtesy one of the coolest design blogs going: Cool Hunting dot com. Check out the link here and see their gift guide, if you’d like tons more ideas for buying and giving.

The V&A does vinyl, 25 pounds (plastic)

LPs might seem a little retro but well, that’s exactly the point – and comes courtesy the Victoria&Albert Museum gift shop.This limited edition Postmodernism Vinyl costs ¬£25.00 and has the long title of Postmodernism: Style and Subversion in Sound and Vision 1970-1990, featuring the sounds of Joy Division, Eurythmics, Television, Depeche Mode, The Buggles and many more. Mixed, yes, if you were wondering, at Abbey Road Studios.

What are you going to play it on? (A question for those who didn’t ask, what are those?): CrosleyRadio has a variety of answers and this link will take you to one¬†that the picture of the other below doesn’t quite capture, though it has the added plus of being sound in a suitcase (not like time in a bottle).

Crosley suitcase turntable, $175

Maybe the ticket to all this consumerism is, like I said in the headline, to just head out and see a bunch more art. You’ll even be encouraged to collect your keepsakes the old-fashioned way if you stuff a stocking with this form of dear diary:

Ticket stub diary

And, speaking of stockings, LittleMissMatched dot com sends three to a pair for those of us who a) have a Bermuda triangle for socks in the house or b) think matching socks are a bore or c) both of the above:

Not to mention that there are other ways to travel than by shoe leather (five pages full, at, of Airstreams and ahem, thank you!): Hey, do I discern a retro trend to this guide? ..Stay tuned for more from the virtual road.

Rare,1947 and in Gettysburg, PA

Rare,1947 and in Gettysburg, PA




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