Texas Art in Support of Wildfire Recovery Effort

Art from the Ashes, a benefit exhibition for Lost Pines Recovery, opens tomorrow April 28-May 5, 2012. In collaboration with Big Medium, an Austin-based arts organization and producers of East Austin Studio Tour, Art from the Ashes aims to raise money to help repair the devastating wildfire that ripped through Bastrop County in September 2011. Bastrop, Texas is situated 40 minutes southeast of Austin. The Bastrop County Complex Fire is said to be the worst wildfire in Texas history, and destroyed 1,667 homes, burning more than 33,033 acres of land.

The exhibition will showcase over 70 works of art donated by Texas-based artists and Art from the Ashes (AFTA). In AFTA‘s spirit of “Support. Inspire. Create. Renew,” the diverse spectrum of works featured will incorporate materials salvaged from fire site locations in Bastrop County. Proceeds support the efforts of the Lost Pines Recovery Team.

Feature image: Kenny Trice-Black, Brown and Beige

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