Ged Quinn at The Modern, Fort Worth

Ged Quinn opened this week at the The Modern in Fort Worth with works described by the museum as “awe-inspiring in their combination of painterly skills and provocative conceptual strains.”

Quinn, an English painter, has had prominent exhibition throughout Europe. However, this is his first notable exhibition in the states. And, his paintings are markedly different than most artists working today. Frieze Magazine calls Quinn’s work, “pseudo-Classical Arcadian and romantic landscapes (many of which are based on those of Claude Lorrain) with an energetic resonance that is as insistent as it is simultaneously insidious and overt,” writes Michael Bracewell.

Focus: Ged Quinn is on exhibit through June 17.

Ouranophobia, 2012 Oil on canvas 104 1/8 x 78 3/4 inches

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