Robert Mangold, Colorado’s Contemporary Sculptor, Goes Kinetic

An impressive array of Robert Mangold’s artistic oeuvre, from 1955 to the present, is on view at The Arvada Center. The artist, born in Indiana in 1930, joined the Air Force in 1949 and then graduated from Indiana University with a Masters of Fine Arts. While still a student, Mangold attended the 1955 International Design Conference in Aspen. In 1960, he was hired by the University of Denver, where he worked with Jack Ball and Vance Kirkland until 1964. Mangold then went on to design the art department at Metropolitan State College where he served as Dean.

He began making his “Anemotive Kinetics” while still at Indiana University. A paper model from 1957-58 is part of this show. He made Anemotive Kinetics for decades, but in 1970 Mangold created the “I-Beam” series for an exhibition at Friends of Contemporary Art Gallery. These evolved into the “Tetrahedralhyperspheres” of the late 70s and early 80s, more rounded forms with natural finishes. His most recent works are called “PTTSAAES” which stands for “Points Traveling Through Space at an Erratic Speed.”

Chronological retrospectives bring to bear a full body of work and allow viewers a glimpse of understanding into the mind and process of the artist. This one features works both inside and outside, smaller gallery pieces and monumental sculptures. While Artyard, the gallery founded by Mangold’s wife Peggy features his work, the open galleries and surrounding spaces at The Arvada Center offer a breadth and depth to the viewing experience.

Tim, Space and Motion: Robert Mangold Retrospective is on view at the Arvada Center through April 1, 2012.

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