Place-less-ness in Suburbia at GOCA Colorado Springs

The downtown annex of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Gallery of Contemporary Art is featuring Phil Bender, Christopher Coleman and Michael Salter, Michael Whiting exploring the cultural phenomenon of conformity and sameness found in the American suburbs otherwise known as “placelessness”.

According to the press release: “As people increase their mobility, they identify less with one place (a “hometown”) and may be attracted towards a sense of sameness wherever their modern nomadic life leads them. As a concept, SUBURBIA offers rich fodder for artistic interpretation.”

The interpretations in this exhibition range from metal sculpture to found object installation, video framed in laser-cut vinyl and repetition of collected items. Industrial nature meets similar sameness.

Suburbia runs through April 13, 2012, however the gallery is only open Tuesday-Friday, 12 – 7 p.m., or by appointment.

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