Chihuly’s Glass Sculptures Grace Dallas Arboretum (May 5)

Dale Chihuly installs his large-scale glass sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum, on exhibit May 5 – November 5.

Chihuly’s work is not shy. Sculptures chosen for the beloved East Dallas botanical gardens are fiery with bright yellows, oranges and reds. Within many of the sculptures, twirled glass explodes from a central point, and the pieces seem to be “partying”. One sculpture might be comprised of a thousand swirly parts. As well, Chihuly’s boats—overflowing with glass arrangements—float in the Arboretum’s pools. At every turn, there’s a glass thingamajig to marvel.

According to Pegasus News, “Fifteen installations were made specifically for Dallas by the famous glass artist, and their final debut is the result of years of work to get them here. Costing $1.8 million to maintain over the course of six months,” writes Sarah Blaskovitch.

If you’ve not seen Chihuly’s sculptures, you’re sure to be delighted. The mass of the pieces alone is noteworthy; it’s not often that blown glass sculptures are created at this scale and for outdoor viewing.

All Photos from Sarah Bosserman

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