Nic Nicosia Installs the Hoffman Tower Room Project

Contemporary artist Nic Nicosia  installed a room dedicated to his work in a patron’s gallery in Dallas called the Hoffman Tower Project Room, in February 2015. He describes creating the installation specifically for the room.

With the installation in Marguerite Hoffman’s, Tower Room, I have presented photographs, drawings,
sculpture, and a site-specific wall drawing. The photographs represent three separate bodies of work. in the absence of others, 2010-2011, stories, 2013, and the grid piece, about may-august 2014. Each work characterized a thought, event or moment in my life and the paper clay and cast figures represented an emotional state. The figures, the basket containing wadded pieces of paper, 2190 #2, and the framed drawing, 2190 #3, originally existed as props for the photo works, yet now stand alone as sculptural objects.

The wall drawing, 2190 #5, was conceived and realized specifically for this space. The number, 2190, represents a very personal, meaningful, amount of time and seeing that number physically realized is the reason for the making of this drawing.

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