Threadgill’s Celebrates Merle Haggard’s 75th Birthday

At Threadgill’s in Austin, a celebration of the legendary Merle Haggard will take place at 6 pm tonight. A honky-tonk party for the lifetime achievement award winning, Cali-born country music star, who celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Although Merle himself won’t be there, spirited fans will be with live music and silent auction.

The following bands will pay in tribute of the famous country hall-of-famer:

Sonny Throckmorton

Floyd Domino

Joe Manuel

Ernie Durawa

Mark Andes

Marvin Dykhuis

Lee Duffy

Rick Busby

David Haley

Gurf Morlix

Will Sexton

Charlie Faye

Andrea Stray

Wake Eastman

Chad Wakefield

Chris Pfeiffer

Lauren Beller

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