Sleigh Bells, Comeback Kid

After Saturday night’s appearance on SNL, Sleigh Bells are everywhere. Admittedly, they (or she with the guy in the background) are captivating to watch, especially in this revamped, 80s style rendition of a music video–“Comeback Kid” below–, which recalls acid-washed jeans, spiked leather and a sort-of naughty 90210/high school romance vibe, but with the perversions of Heathers. The soft light and sun-drenched color of video, combined with Alexis Krauss’ sweet vocals, makes the entire affair look wholesome, but the murderous jock (guitarist/producer Derek Edward Miller) looms in the background and brings the creepy, noise/rock to the forefront of the song’s sound.

Huffington Post has SNL videos up, and according to the Chicago Tribune‘s music critic Greg Kot, “‘Comeback Kid’ is the closest approximation [on the new album, “Reign of Terror”] of the ultra-catchy singles that peppered “Treats,” but the production is more refined, the claustrophobic aggression of the debut replaced by sweet, wobbly vocals, and a more spacious arrangement.”

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