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OH SNAP! Festival In Memory of Sergio Machado

Originally from Mozambique, Africa, Sergio Machado studied at Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX), where he graduated with honors. During his four years at Southwestern, Machado was known for being an all around great guy who made friends with everyone he met. After graduation, Machado returned home to Mozambique where he worked for three years at a successful IT company. Soon after getting married, Machado was killed by a head-on collision with a drunk driver who was going the wrong way on the highway.

Machado truly loved soulful music; so, six of his friends and classmates at Southwestern decided to hold a huge festival showcasing eclectic local music, live comedy, dancing and art to commemorate Machado’s life. Ever since its inception in 2009, the OH SNAP! Festival — named after the phrase for which Machado was best known — has functioned as a fundraising tool to aid future international students studying in Texas via Southwestern University’s Sergio Machado Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The 2012 OHSNAP! Festival, which runs from January 26th through 28th, features 50 bands on two stages at The Parish & Beale Street Tavern. The quality, variety and quantity of musicians performing during the threeday schedule is nothing short of amazing. Several of my favorite local acts (such as Ume, T Bird and the Breaks, Whiskey Shivers, MotherFalcon, Freshmillions, Little Lo, Wild Moccasins, The Lemurs, Final Exam, Maryann & theRevival Band, BOY, Les Rav, Shakey Graves, and Hello Wheels) will be there as will a ton of bands whom I have never even heard. If I can make one guarantee about the 2012 OH SNAP! Festival, it is that you will probably never catch this many amazing Austin bands playing at one music festival — at least not until the 2013 OH SNAP! Festival.

I just have one favor to ask… If you are out enjoying alcoholic beverages, please act responsibly and travel by bus or taxi. Whatever you do — do not drive! As fantastic as the OH SNAP! Festival is, we do not need any more benefits for young people who died as the result of drunk driving accidents.

Feature Image: Little Lo

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