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Free Week Equals Eleven Days x Free Music!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So, for those of you in the Austin area whose New Year’s resolution was to see more live music, Free Week was designed just for you. What better way is there to begin a new year than by expanding your musical horizons? It is a surefire way to start 2013 off by being happy and free.

Free Week is without a doubt one of our favorite annual traditions in Austin and this year it has been expanded to 11 days! Transmission Events deserves credit as the founders of Free Week, but it seems like most music venues in Austin have co-opted the term. This means if you are looking for an authentic Free Week show (January 2 – 12), then you will be spending a lot of quality time at The Mohawk, Red 7, Holy Mountain and Beerland. If authenticity isn’t quite your style, then you can venture out to Club Deville, The Parish, Frank, Hotel Vegas, Blackheart, Lamberts and countless other venues.

Free Week is a really great time to take some chances and discover your soon-to-be favorite bands. What do you have to lose? Certainly not a cover charge. We will be checking out as many bands as possible that we have never heard before; but, we wholeheartedly recommend for you to catch as many of the following bands as humanly possible. (Note: most of these bands are playing multiple shows during Free Week, so we recommend going to their individual Facebook pages for more details.)

The Black and White Years (Emo’s East, 1/4)

Black Books (Blackheart, 1/11)

The Calm Blue Sea (Emo’s East, 1/4)

Cartright (Mohawk, 1/5)

Feathers (Holy Mountain, 1/4)

Elaine Greer (Hotel Vegas, 1/8)

The Lonesome Heroes (Lamberts, 1/4)

Orthy (Holy Mountain, 1/4)

Ume (Emo’s East 1/4)

Emily Wolfe (Lamberts, 1/4)

You should also check out some of our long-standing favorites: Frank Smith (Hotel Vegas, 1/8), Growl (The Parish, 1/3), Little Lo (Mohawk, 1/5), Marmalakes (Mohawk, 1/5), Residual Kid (Red 7, 1/5), The Sour Notes (Blackheart, 1/11), and The Villettes (Lamberts, 1/4).

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