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Fourteen Bands Kick-Off The Sour Notes Tour

When we last featured The Sour Notes on AdobeAirstream, we talked with them about their constant state of evolution, both in terms of their music and line-up. In the ten months since that interview, they have done a whole lot more evolving. Tighter and more raucous than ever, the once twee-popsters have learned how to rawk — and, I have gotta say, it suits them quite well. (Yeah, their line-up has changed too.)

Utilizing their No Play Music umbrella, The Sour Notes have also grown immensely in their ability to network, market and promote music. The Sour Notes Tour Kick-Off show (Saturday, July 21) at the newly remodeled Red 7 is a perfect example of what they do better than anyone else in Austin — assemble together an intriguing mix of bands on multiple stages in one venue like a mini-festival. Most importantly, they keep these shows incredibly affordable. The Red 7 show is a mere $7 for 14 bands. How often do you get that much rock for your buck?

We recently featured Knifight and Burgess Meredith on AdobeAirstream, here are some videos to give you a taste of some of the other bands on this truly awesome bill…


Little Brave

Melissa Bryan

The Midgetmen

Mrs. Howl

New York City Queens

Additional details and full line-up are available on the The Sour Notes Tour Kick-Off event page. Also check out The Endless Sour Summer Tour event page for more information on the cities and dates of The Sour Notes’ east coast tour.

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