Lars von Trier Botches 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Danish director of The Five Obstructions Lars von Trier brings another beautifully crafted movie to the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, which ended yesterday. Even in the midst of von Trier’s verbal debacle—culminating after comments he made in an interview where he empathizes with Hitler, Melancholia triumphs Cannes, although von Trier was not permitted to attend the entirety of the festival.

Kirsten Dunst won best actress for her role as Justine, the leading female in Melancholia—“a beautiful movie about the end of the world.” However, the Palme d’Or prize went to Tree of Life, a film by Terrence Malick—a highlight for the southwest certainly, as Malick hails from Texas. Link to Tree of Life trailer here.

Thankfully the Cannes jury did not overlook the artistic merits of Melancholia, simply due to the director fumbling comments about Jews and Nazism. They were able to separate the director from his film.

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