Countdown to zero

“Countdown to Zero” Opens in Santa Fe

Not to miss is Lucy Walkers new documentary, which  ran at Sundance 2010 – Countdown to Zero, a warning about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the threat of their use, either by terrorists or by accident. Countdown to Zero opens in Santa Fe with a fundraiser Thursday, August 6, at CCA.

You could call this investigation rich in archival footage a shock-umentary, given that Walker shows us how close weve come to a nuclear showdown, and how lax our defenses against weapons traffic are. Theres even a how-to element here. If you want to get a nuclear device, go to the former Soviet Union. (I dont think theres an 800 number yet, but just wait.) Unfortunately, the instructions to controlling these weapons arent so user-friendly. Its a bitter pill. See it and wince.

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