Almodovar: The Skin I Live In

From the New York Film Festival, David D’Arcy reviews The Skin I live In, the latest camp-horror tale from Pedro Almodovar. Antonio Banderas plays a plastic surgeon, teaming up with Almodovar for the first time in almost 20 years. Beware of a villain with a scalpel in his hand, and a Titian nude on his wall.

Editor’s Note: Antonio Banderas stars in the movie. David D’Arcy’s critical comparison is to Jeremy Irons.

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  1. Jeremy Irons is NOT in this movie. It’s Antonio Banderas.

    • Ellen Berkovitch says:

      D’Arcy commented that not since Jeremy irons’s performance has somebody acted a part like this. It was a comparison not a statement that JIrons was in the movie.