Yes, Your Seat Cushion Is a Flotation Device, But That Basket’s No Wetsuit

Neoprene is wetsuit plastic  – yes, the insulating costume that only rare humans should be seen donning; that lithe surfers wear in the Pacific (cold all year)  – usually black, always slick (think seal-skin, water-repellent, shiny when wet). This startling basket spotted last week at Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, 124 1/2 Galisteo Street, is knitted neoprene, with fabricated neoprene thread. I love the idea of  needles knitting neoprene! Neoprene thread, go figure, Im still musing on whether it has scarf potential or only if youre Rubber Lady.

I spotted this white loopy divinyl as I had just stepped over the threshhold of the small but potently curated SFWG, and went Wawawow wawisthat? The work is by Italian designer Rosanna Contadini; her 3-year-old company Neo specializes in production of neoprene baskets and jewelry – and, get this – cushions for outdoors with inflatable insides. (Ahem.)

$950, this basket ran out of here so fast that it might have been a mirage, something too fabulous to last – but I got a picture (courtesy the gallery, thanks). 26 inches in diameter, the baskets high point is 18″ . Ah, Italia. And Santa Fe where this design gallery for body and house (wheres the distinction?) is continually expanding definitions of “weaving” and showing the evolving idea and material of textiles. For one edgy vessel is where its at, especially per (piacere)  Signora Contadini.

Heres a link to a Neo Design slideshow that shows the close weave of neoprene knits.

And heres Rubber Lady.  The raw and the cooked.





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