Bubble Ballet at Swissnex San Francisco

Wish We Were There: Bubble Ballet at SwissNex (San Francisco)

Swiss design studio Greutmann Bolzern is on tap tonight at Swissnex San Francisco with an installation-event, Bubble Ballet, in which the design star of the show are those ephemera known as soap bubbles. The description goes like so:

The room is dark but for glowing pools of viscous, shimmering liquid. Dozens of wire shapes rise and fall from the ceiling, dipping down below the surface and slowly, silently emerging with a glistening fragile skin. This balletic dance is an exploration of geometric shapes accomplished with mere soap, wire, and water by the Greutman Bolzern Design Studio. The firm won gold for the piece, originally called ‘…und plötzlich platzte der Traum’ (and suddenly the dream burst), at the 2010 Designers’ Saturday in Switzerland.

The installation will be on view at swissnex San Francisco through December 23, 2011, and is said to represent a design precursor study for an office chair created by the eponymous designers Carmen Bolzern and Urs Greutmann, who commonly work in commercial interiors.

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