Shipping Container Building in Santa Fe

Molecule Design begins as a shipping container building and concludes five years later as Santa Fes most contemporary showroom.


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  1. Zane Fischer says:

    Really? That’s it? Just video and some blues? No interview with the owner, no discussion of the building strategy? No talk of the design store it’s going to be?

    Can we expect a follow-up?

  2. Raphaelle says:

    yup, this project has been long in the making and had us cheering for a long time. The final will be, as anything A touches, smart and graceful-no yucco stucco. Can’t wait for your follow up-

  3. Ellen says:

    Absolutely. We want to know if it stays shipping container or turns to stucco. And will report briefly about the fate of another shipping container architect, Shigeru Ban, when it came to plans for a new Aspen Art Museum.

  4. Umm, where’s the *writing*??? Could use some info on this thing: where, who, why, when… you know, like journalism?

  5. Whilst this project has been under development for some time its still continues to be a long, long way ahead of traditional thinking about the creation of retail presentation spaces.

  6. Been needing a container for storing my art…I should think 10-15 of these units with minimal heating
    would do the trick. I put this out there to hopefully stimulate interest in such a project…I believe many of us could benefit from such a storage modality ( plus: access to the interior of each unit at multiple points above, side and end would be a plus as well ).

  7. BoxHaus says:

    some snapshots of this projects’ interior can be visible. too many possibilities using containers!