Paolo Soleri Amphitheater Santa Fe , NM

Save the Paolo Soleri: Fate of Ampitheater on Santa Fe City Council Agenda

Since demolition began in 2009 at the Santa Fe Indian School, many watchers have wondered if the Paolo Soleri Ampitheatre would be spared. Threats now to its continued existence as an architectural treasure find Santa Feans and others gone activist.

Tonight, June 9 is a Santa Fe City Council meeting at which the fate of the Paolo, as it is called, is on the agenda.

On Facebook this morning Frances Abeyta wrote:

Sorry i have been out of the loop for a minute but had to take a moment to get back to my home and refocus. As you can imagine this process has been very emotionally and physically draining. As you all may or may not know by now, Superintendent Chavez made an official appearance and statement Monday on the 94 Rock morning show. Swamy Rob a local DJ and early supporter of our efforts along with TJ trout called Mr. Chavez in to ask about the demolition of the Soleri and the reasoning behind it.
The reasoning given by Mr. Chavez and his companion came down to economics and a supposed act in educational sovreignty. I was disappointed to hear Mr. Chavez compare the Paolo Soleri Theater to an old truck he once had, and even more disappointed to hear the claim that the school and the land are merely a material possession. Mr. Chavez statement that we as Indian people are taught to not become attached to material possessions, this may be true for him and for his community, but I do not agree that he should be making statements on behalf of ALL Indian people.

Further more it saddens me to see the loss and disregard for the sense of family and community at the Santa Fe Indian School. While I was at the Santa Fe Indian School we were taught that the school, its buildings, and the people with in it were our family. We should treat one another as family and with respect, not only respect for people but respect for the buildings and campus that provided us with shelter. For many children this was the only home they knew. Since the late 1800s Native children lived on this campus and all have contributed and left and impression making the school what it is today. The school is fortunate to have top of the line buildings and the highest technology available, and they are making great strides in academic achievement, but none of this would be possible with out those children and educators who left their mark before us. Is it so important that we become so advanced that we neglect our history and our past? Who are we without our past? What are we teaching our children if we can disregard something so precious because it is no longer suiting our agenda. For years the Santa Fe Indian School was regarded as the 20th pueblo in the state, reaffirming that sense of community, today I feel as a community member my voice is not being heard, and decisions that effect my community are being made that I am not in support of.

SFIS community Leaders, Elders, and Officials, your children are asking you to hear them. They are telling you this is important to them. They are screaming to be heard. Allow us to work together to make this right.

At this point the Paolo Soleri fate is in the hands of pueblo governments and leadership. The school is owned and operated by the 19 pueblo governors of New Mexico. They hold to the key to its resurrection or its demise. I urge all who support our cause to continue showing your support to our tribal leaders, urge your friends and family to do the same. Lets excercise our EDUCATIONAL SOVREIGNTY by returning the Soleri to its original purpose, to allow students a venue for artistic expression and education. Lets mend fences and be good neighbors by working together with the Santa Fe community to resurrect a culturally, historically, and emotionally significant facility, so many care about.

Finally I ask that you do not give up hope. Have faith and spread the word. Together I believe this is an opportunity to make history on both sides. I am certian there is a solution where all parties can walk away happy.

Again sorry for being out of the loop and not responding to the massive amount of emails that are being recieved, i just wanted to share that we are still in this together and please do not give up hope.


Top photo: Paolo Soleri Amphitheater Santa Fe , NM
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