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Public School, a New Model for Design Collaboration

Public School is a new generation design collective, located in east Austin. Comprised of seven members with two photographers and five graphic designers: Casey Dunn, Cody Haltom, Jay B. Sauceda, Justin Cox, Matthew Genitempo, Shaun Lind, Will Bryant.

Each of the seven “members” has a strong personal position within their discipline. But they collaborate under Public School to scale-up their vision, creating possibilities for bigger projects.

This is a new model for the design firm—a collaborative approach, which explores client and personal work. Public School is perhaps less interested in ticket taking (that is giving clients what ever they request), and more interested in innovating. They are a shop that comes together to create solutions to the problems given to them.

Public School also sells design merchandise—engaging the public online primarily through a blog.

Although they started small, they are moving into national spotlight.

These guys could be compared to the Woo Tang Clan of the mid 90s—a group of artists collaborating in a singular and collective direction simultaneously.

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