Poster Cabaret Celebrates National Bike Month

Poster Cabaret is an online poster design shop, with a physical studio in Austin, Texas, which is operated by Sebastian Foster, a self-proclaimed “avid cyclist.” Like Foster, I too am drawn to the aesthetic of prints, and I am an avid cyclist.  Therefore, I couldn’t miss Poster Cabaret’s Bicycle Print Show now showing at Gallery Black Lagoon. Representing 50 artists from around the world, including several here in Austin, Texas, Poster Cabaret has put together a show to celebrate the bicycle and National Bike Month.

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Austin is full of two-wheeled enthusiasts, and the city itself is struggling to keep up with the demand for more cyclist friendly paths and roadways.  Across Austin, bike rental facilities as well as retail and repair outlets are catering to a town that loves the bicycle.  And from the works I saw at Gallery Black Lagoon, the artists of the Bicycle Print Show—residing from here to Italy—share the sentiment. While this is the third annual show for National Bike Month, it is the first time Poster Cabaret has exhibited in a gallery.

All of the works in the show are either screen, or giclee prints, and each poster incorporates a bicycle in one way or another.  Austin artist Justin Cox, for example, focuses solely on a wheel printed on natural colored paper.  Perforated lines to the left of the wheel form trading cards of several artists, a few of whom are represented in the show.  One such artist, Matthew Gentiempo, represents a full bicycle in all black.  Only this bicycle has two widely curved legs with yellow feet rather than spokes and wheels.  A more classical bicycle representation can be found in the work of Jaime Cervantes.  His cherry red cruiser is the perfect type of bicycle for enjoying a Sunday ride in this amazing May weather.

One of my favorite prints in the show by a non-Austinite is by Bianca Gomez of Madrid, Spain.  Her print, “Beauty is in the Street”, is set against a brick red background and features a lanky lady sitting atop of an equally thin bicycle.  The orange band of her bowler hat matches the color or her top.  The slightly askew text at the bottom (I love print imperfections) reads “LA BEAUTÉ EST DANS LA RUE”.

Join Austinites to celebrate the bike this month at Gallery Black Lagoon.

I’m not sure that either Gallery Black Lagoon, or Poster Cabaret is making a political statement through the Bicycle Print Show. However, celebrating National Bike Month, bringing artistic attention to biking, and making bicycles “hip” couldn’t hurt!

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