Now, Would You Call This Ridiculous?

According to Money magazine, Smart cars (which have sold 750,000 in the EU) topped off in the US at about 45,000 sold  – and even with news that Smart cars are being sold at Mercedes-Benz dealerships (the brand is part of Daimler-Benz), sales in the US last year were under 6,000 – a factor which reports like this one in February attributed to gas prices staying below $3/gallon.  That’s so last year. I still love the little buggers, and don’t cotton at all to this analysis in Smart Money that the combination of lower gas prices (not anymore!), and the Smart car’s smushy look wound up a no-winner because Americans’ found themselves afraid to “look ridiculous.”

This is really a creative car  – as shown by the one with Texas plates in the parking lot of La Choza restaurant in Santa Fe on Saturday night. If this is your car, please write! And, if it isn’t, and you want 41mpg for less than $12k for a new vehicle, well… It ain’t the Prius but it sure is cuter (imho).




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