Mardi Gras 2012, the Mediated Version

We’ve all been there, deep amidst the mayhem of too many people on a crazy New Orleans street, during Mardi Gras, being fed Jell-O shots! Can’t be in NoLa for Mardi Gras 2012 (or, maybe, don’t want to be)? Here are some places to scope the party online.

Huffington Post has pics of the famous folks, who came out to celebrate by parading in costume—including Will Ferrell, Harry Connick Jr., Hilary Swank and Cyndi Lauper.

Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty Images

The New York Times reveals other sweet (and salty) treats beyond King Cake, which are also overindulged in today, Fat Tuesday.

Tulane University also got involved on an artistic level, they currently have an art exhibition of Mardi Gras themed work on display. More information here. On exhibit are drawings of the first parade designs.

A float design from the 1886 Krewe of Proteus parade by Carlotta Bonnecaze, from the Tulane Carnival Collection.

And, although the party is dead at the moment, has a live parade cam up and running—live video feeds are set-up in other parts of the city as well. So, for all the interested voyeurs out there—have at it; it could be the closest you’ll get to real thing.

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