D*Haus, a Transformer House that Adapts to the Weather

The D*Haus moves to accommodate the weather. How? On rails and organized by the principles of Haberdasher’s Puzzle, the house acknowledges changes in the climate and adjusts accordingly, explains Daniel Woolfson from The D*Haus Company Ltd. Houses like this are also being called “genetic architecture” or “transformer spaces”.

The designers of D*Haus, out of London, explain that the inspiration does come from a desire to have houses that regulate themselves, better responding to the environment.

It’s easy to compare D*Haus to a living organism when it actually changes its shape based on weather patters—like a flower, tree, or animal. As if coiling back into shell when colder, and opening up again to maximize sun intake when it’s warmer. Benefits of the house, hopefully, support that comparison. In other words, it can create living environments that are more energy efficient and in-sync with nature. That’s a nice idea.

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