Contemporary Design, Baby Boomer Lives

Edy Keeler of Core Value Inc. is a Santa Fe interior designer whose work spans residential and commercial projects. For a contemporary condo project recently completed in Santa Fe, one of three slated to be built on Alto Street, she addressed not just contemporary furnishings but trends that are changing how people want to live in their houses. She writes,

“There is a landing that is a perfect art or craft space, with a nice view, and a 2 foot by 5 foot sculpture nicho up high and highlighted in a bright accent color which is interesting to look at, as well as fun to figure out what to place there (being 12-16 feet off the floor.) I wanted a funky house archangel but time constraints prohibited, so we found a (lightweight!) outline of steel balanced boxes.

I always plan an art studio room…perfect in a Santa Fe home, that often as not ends up being an office instead, but when staging a home for tour purposes adds a locally relevant dimension. I really feel the right environment can transform your life in subtle or big ways. You thought you wanted an office, but painting is so much more “you” now.”

Photos: Marshall Elias

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