Bicycles–Fashion Statement, or Political Stance in Austin?

I’m not sure when bicycles became a fashion statement. But, I’ve seen bikes that are so well designed that they look like they belong in a museum—gorgeous, sexy looking bicycles.

Certainly the trend to bike has taken hold in Austin, witnessed here: Austin on Two Wheels, a publication about biking in Austin. Then, there’s the innumerable bike shops: Mellow Johnny’s, AJ’s Cyclery, Hammerhead Bicycles, and countless others.

Along with the bicycle (that looks better than you do) comes an ethical stance and attitude—sort of counter-culture, f&$# the guys who drive Hummers, which has become synonymous with anti-establishment sentiments.

And, I’m sure having Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong org here, and that Lance is a Texas, doesn’t hurt the cause either.

For Austinites, I see bikes as more a fashion statement than political stance. But, that’s okay–better to “sport” bikes than their loud, obnoxious, gas-guzzling counterparts that promote our country’s overall stagnation.

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