A “Bounty” Message at Louis Vuitton? Plus, Urban Outfitters Sued

I was in Palo Alto last week and at the Stanford Shopping Center came across a display in a Louis Vuitton shop window of a small white handbag dead center in a fleche of multicolored arrows. The motif is evidently in design use also at Louis Vuitton Sydney, Australia stores.

Meanwhile, while I am sorry to say I had missed this news item until just recently, the Navajo Nation has sued Urban Outfitters over trademark infringement of what the tribe considers a trademark, “Navajo.”  A pop culture blog on Columbus Day last year laid out the problems with Urban Outfitters’ displays of dreamcatchers and feathered earrings as “Navajo” branded items. See Racalious’s open letter to Urban Outfitters on Columbus Day here.

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