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Virtual Exhibition: Cissie Ludlow’s Hotels and Movie Sets

Photographer Cissie Ludlow shot on the movie sets of John Waters’ Desperate Living in Baltimore. In Santa Fe, she shot the De Vargas Hotel which was becoming deserted of human occupants, ahead of the first of several renovations.

It’s very hard to tell the difference between the set of Desperate Living and the De Vargas Hotel, and I shot Desperate Living in 1976. The De Vargas was ’84-’85,” says Cissie Ludlow.

At Last, a pop-up show at PHIL Space Santa Fe, 1410 Second Street, runs from June 16th – 2oth. See an interview with Cissie Ludlow here.

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  1. Pat Spencer says:

    In a random search for something else the interview with Cissie showed up. What a delight. I love your work shown here and hearing about what you are doing. I have thought about you often over the years. It was serendipitous to run across this in the year of our 70th birthdays.

    I wish you a fabulous birthday and would love to reconnect and catch up. I still see Carl and Susan as we all live in near each other.
    Jim and Dee visited us in 2014.