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Tricia? Tricia Nixon?

Actor Jenn Gotzons Vegas debut involved the prefab prop of the KT 1.5, a fab if pricey prefab designed for Living Homes by Kieran Timberlake Architects. The prefab had been assembled in three days at the Las Vegas Homebuilders show but all you homebuilders out there, dont go getting ideas.  The KT 1.5 starting price is $465k. It packs the “green” into a plan that is efficient if straightforward.  The building system, modular and housewrapped, is promoted for being airtight.  The rainscreen skin is the coolest constructional feature, shedding water while shielding the walls from the suns heat during hot weather.
At builders shows the factory-built modules have been assembled in as little as three days.  Of course those times dont reflect the realities of owners onsite site construction including foundations and utilities.  Living Homes of Santa Monica provides an Autodesk  program allowing potential buyers to manipulate window placement and finishes on a walkthrough screen to “customize” their prefab.

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