Tiny Park’s Greatest Hits Exhibition and New Gallery + Preview Photos

Tiny Park, a previously small gallery in north Austin, expanded this year. I first visited the gallery, which was in the founders Brian Willey and Thao Votang’s home, in March and was impressed by the couple’s passion for the arts.

This Friday, June 29 from 7-11 p.m., Tiny Park opens its new gallery at 1101 Navasota Street, Unit 2, with a Greatest Hits exhibition. Participating artists include: Michael Sieben (Austin), Sam Prekop (Chicago), Deborah Stratman (Chicago), Miguel Aragon (Juarez, Mexico), PJ Raval (Austin), Nick Brown (Los Angeles), Leah Haney (Austin), David Culpepper (Austin), Stephanie Serpick (NY), and Rob Lomblad (NY).

Brian had this to say about the venue’s debut exhibition: “The first show is a tongue-in-cheek history of Tiny Park, called Greatest Hits. The joke, of course, is that our ‘history’ only goes back 9 months and we are showing work by ALL the artists who’ve shown at Tiny Park.”

I asked Brian why the artists he chose were important to open with, to this he replied, “Since these artists were the first that we showed (listed above), they hold a special place for us. This group includes artists who’ve shown at the Whitney Biennial and at other museums and galleries nationally and internationally, so we were grateful they trusted us and gave us a chance, even though the exhibitions were [originally] just in our humble living room.”

To that point, Brian and Thao have personal relationships with the artists they exhibit—a trend that has gone out of style for some higher-end galleries. This commitment allows Tiny Park to show bigger name artists.

Below are preview photos of Tiny Park’s debut Greatest Hits exhibition in the new space. Definitely, attend the show this Friday, where Tiny Park will show-off new digs–distinctly not a living room gallery.

(from the left): Nick Brown, Miguel Aragon, Dave Culpepper, Nick Brown

Rob Lomblad, Dave Culpepper, Michael Sieben, Nick Brown

Feature image credit: Photos by OTIS IKE http://www.otisike.com/

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