The Chinati Foundation Celebrates 25 Years

The Chinati Foundation turned 25, celebrating its anniversary last weekend, October 7-9th with ongoing exhibitions by the founder, of course, Donald Judd (1928-1994). But, also work exhibited by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Jean Arp. Artist-in-residence, Justin Almquist also with art on display.

The sculpture of Sugimoto and Arp seem an apt pairing—quiet and contemplative work, qualities shared with minimalist Judd’s art. Not only that, the empty expanse of the west, which the Chinati Foundation embodies, coupled with intriguing sculpture—slow to advance in meaning, but elegant in form, seems absolutely fitting for the celebration of 25 years in Marfa, Texas. Although Arp and Sugimoto are not minimalists by definition, attention to detail, importance of materiality, and subtlety are shared with Judd’s vision.

glass pagoda by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Donald Judd stated, “Arp’s work is never unspecific, although it is unusually general, even empty in a way. The emptiness suggests that if you are interested in a thing it is interesting, and if you are not it is not. That isn’t as obvious as it sounds.” A statement I find correspondingly speaks to Sugimoto’s new sculpture (pictured above).

Outside gallery walls for the weekend, other events included: live music, artist talks and ranch-style breakfast at Casa Perez, Donald Judd’s ranch at the base of Pinto Canyon.

Congrats to Chinati!

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