Nils Folke Anderson at Dikeou Collection Pop-Up

Nils Folke Anderson’s styrofoam sculptures are “reciprocal linkages”, a term borrowed from website connections. The works are all untitled with only the address listed to identify each piece. They are made of styrofoam— a humorous yet functional material that allows the artist to manipulate the works and for the process of that manipulation to be visible in the debris and abrasions that appear in the material. Each sculpture and how they are situated is discomforting to the artist who moves them until he likes what he sees. “One of the most important aspects of this work is choosing when to stop,” Anderson told an audience at Dikeou Collection in Denver during a recent lecture.

The sculptures take on a specificity related to their morphology within an empty office building or gallery. Each sculpture begins with nine linking squares—each square linked with every other square. There are an infinite variety of options and each square is self supported yet interchangeable. Anderson installed his work at 13th & Bannock in the Dikeou Pop Up space on September 30, as well as a separate sculpture at the Dikeou Collection at 16th and California.




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