Nic Nicosia Untitled (Swinging Rock)

Nic Nicosia, "Untitled (Swinging Rock)" 2009

Nic Nicosia Photographs

Nic Nicosia began early this year creating photographs on canvas. The effect of the archival inks on this new softer and more porous material took his work, which had already melded a deliciously surreal quality with his characteristic Cinemascope, into the realm of the fantastically ineffable. Enclosed in these cavelike sets are experiences that actually beg the word experience. You can see but cannot touch. You can enter imaginally and find yourself pacing out both the expansions and contractions of the dream. On June 6th the exhibit titled Space/Time/Light opens at Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas, Nicosias longtime Texas dealer. Among the works in the show that contend with the preoccupations of Nicosias former body of work, Untitled (Swinging Rock) (above), just might be my personal favorite.

Nic Nicosia, “Untitled (Swinging Rock)” 2009
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