Nic Nicosia Installation at Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston

Santa Fe photographer and recent Guggenheim Fellow Nic Nicosia exhibits three, large-scale installation works in light…in black and white tomorrow, March 3 through April 7, 2012, at Hiram Butler Gallery on Blossom Street in Houston, Texas.

Of the three installations, Nicosia’s I See Light B + W, 2009, features a grid of twenty, 15” by 24” photographs (see feature image).

When asked to further explain I See Light, Nicosia writes, “I would contemplate the empty space and then make a construction with objects found within the studio. Lighting was the fundamental ingredient considered when making decisions on how to incorporate the objects and material.” Further, the artist fabricated the entire piece based on the golden ratio.

I See Light B + W is reminiscent of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Theaters, wherein the artist took long exposures of several theaters while a film was screening, resulting in an entirely white, “shining” movie screens. Given Nicosia’s background in TV/Film, references to screens or stages seem likely to arise in his art. As well, many of Nicosia’s photographs have theatrical subject matter, including an early series titled Domestic Dramas.

Other exhibitions slated at Hiram Butler this year include Selected Works by Sherrie Levine, and Observed Imagined Abstracted by Julie Bozzi, Will Henry and Brooke Stroud.

installation, Hiram Butler Gallery

installation, Hiram Butler Gallery

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