New Mexico Experimental Glass Fellows Address Waste Through Art

Let’s talk about New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop (NMEGW)—an innovative, non-profit organization founded by artist Stacey Neff in Santa Fe.

The goal of NMEGW is to introduce, through workshops, hot glass to artists that don’t work that medium. While founder Neff is a glass artist—pushing the boundary of the medium to larger-than-life proportions—the workshop attendees and fellows are learning something new.

In its second year, NMEGW has announced the 2012 Fellowships to Erika Wanenmacher, Signe Stuart, Tasha Ostrander, Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton.

NMEGW fellows will not only be making beautiful glass pieces, however. They are finding ways to use the other 20% of glass waste, which is not recycled to create new containers. Glass used during workshops and fellowship programs is recycled and reused in cooperation with the NM Solid Waste Management Agency and the New Mexico Recycling Coalition!

Fellowships, scholarships and volunteer opportunities will continue at NMEGW in years to come. Studio residencies culminate in an exhibition of the work, as well.

Photo credit:  Karen Kuhen

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