Wang Nanfei, Five Flowers, 2001, graphite on paper

James Surls Curates Chinese and American Women

“The idea of homegrown” and “mustering the force” are two of the ways that sculptor James Surls described the incarnation of an art show that he and photographer Charles Dukes hatched during a Colorado blizzard, with the notion of featuring their wives, artists Charmaine Locke and Wang Nanfei. It took three years but the show came together with a first appearance, in 2007, as an exhibition titled Corresponding and Responding: United Exhibition of Chinese-American Artists, mounted at the National Museum of China in Beijing. The second incarnation Giving and Receiving: A Collaborative Exhibition of Contemporary Artists from China and the USA opened April 7, 2011 at the CU Art Museum. The show features: Cao Jigang, Jiang Dahai, Lin Yan, Wang Huaiqing, Wang Nanfei, Wei Jia, Xiao Bing, Zhou Changjiang, John Alexander, The Art Guys, Robert Brinker, Charles Dukes, Linda Girvin, Jody Guralnick, Pamela Joseph, Charmaine Locke, Tai Pomara and James Surls.


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