I Write the Songs: Drawings in Flux Quartet’s Musical Inbox

Sunday May 29th found SITE Santa Fe on the Santa Fe Plaza to co-produce, with artist Suzanne Bocanegra and the Flux Quartet (both from New York), the performance part of I Write the Songs, the name of Bocanegra’s public performance-visual art-happening, which had a first venue at World Financial Center in New York (commissioned by The Drawing Center for the River-to-River festival). Bocanegra’s show, I Write the Songs, opens at SITE Santa Fe June 18th. Adobeairstream was on the Plaza Sunday, too, making some field recordings for a podcast about this event, now in progress.

And here’s the Flux Quartet:

It was a super fun day, despite a pretty big wind. SITE’s Phillips director Irene Hofmann was there; so was Ian Berry, Malloy curator of the Tang Museum at Skidmore College. And, the artist, bookbinder John Simmons, about two dozen SITE volunteers, along with many Santa Fe artists, children, citizens making drawings and the four musician members of the Flux Quartet. We bring you this slideshow just to slightly whet your appetite for the podcast. Thanks to SITE and Ian Berry for the photos.


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