Having Fun at The Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair opened yesterday, January 18, in Los Angeles. Boasting cheap price tags for art—far lower than the dollar amounts art usually draws at some of the big fairs, like Art Basel—with the majority of works between $100-$5,000. So, if you’re young and want to collect art—now’s your chance.

Programs and panel discussions include such topics as Positive Effects of Great Art and Design on Children, with the majority of the galleries from New York, not surprisingly.

Here’s a “tip” from The Affordable Art Fair’s website, “most importantly HAVE FUN!!! ART IS FUN!! Art is created to be exciting so have a good time while searching for your next, or first, great piece. Art fairs are here to encourage creativity and being around such enthusiasm for art can be a wonderful experience.” What a concept.

The fair continues through January 22, 2012.

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