Gallery Fridays, Austin

In Austin, catch Domy Bookstore’s Dylan Reece and Carlos Rosales-Silva exhibit, which OPENS JULY 30, showing through September 8th. Including an “odyssey of sexual frustration, chemical indulgence, and intellectual, emotional and creative exchange,” artists Reece and Rosales-Silva present disparate elements in tangible, unified works under the moniker Yin-Yang Twins. (Feature image: courtesy of the Yin-Yang Twins.)

Co-Lab OPENS “Eagle Woman Poems,” exhibition and performance this Saturday, JULY 30. Artist Natalie Goodnow will perform, 7-11pm. According to Co-Lab Eagle Woman, aka Natalie Goodnow, will attempt to “make sense of the mess,” as an inhabitant of landfills.

Check out Ahead of Their Time at the Arthouse at the Jones Center, which CLOSES JULY 31, featuring talented high-school aged, Austin-area kids, who are ahead of their time.

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