Fusebox Festival’s Last Week in Austin

Fusebox is the “hybridized” art festival that is mashing-up all things art-related in the Austin this week. Founder of the festival Ron Berry collides visual art, music, dance, and film to expand the parameters so-called festivals.

Berry talked with writer Katie Geha in an interview with Glasstire, saying, “I feel like Austin is a great place to try out ideas. There isn’t the pressure of The New York Times coming to make or break your performance. I think there’s something about that lack of pressure that is essential to making interesting work.” And, Austin likes experimental.

No exceptions this year—Fusebox yet again brings outside-of-the-box art to Austin.

The festival ends Sunday, May 6, and here are some exciting events, shows, and happenings:

Rebar: Bubbleware- Social Furniture for Austin, TX: When public space is limited, which is often the case in cities, Rebar’s Bubbleware makes a place for comfort amidst concrete. Splayed on the street like downsized waterbeds, Bubbleware is social furniture that puts the street bench to shame. Rebar is a San Francisco-based company, so go experience Bubbleware before they undulate out of Austin on Sunday. Rebar’s social furniture will be out at the Fusebox Hub through May 6.

Also today David Zambrano: Soul Project performs at the Fusebox Hub; and original dance performance by LeeSaar at Long Center tonight.

Electronic folk duo Lulacruza performs at the Fusebox Hub on May 3 at 11 pm, and I think the video below sells the sound.

Hybrid Art Summit 2012 begins at 11 am on May 4—a two-day event exploring cross-disciplinary creative practice and its relevance to contemporary culture.

Tamy Ben-Tor opens an exhibition Saturday, May 5 at Testsite:an investigation into the human presence in an artificial environment, which is the work of art. The artist has stated: ‘I find performance to be an exciting medium because of its transparency and closeness to the human condition, our dwelling in our bodies for our life’s duration and the decisions we make on the shape and meaning of that life are for me an exact metaphor for the performative work.”

In finale, Digestible Feats: Cocktail Lounge #2: A Snowball’s Chance: the adult-only version of the snowball—“frosty craft cocktail surprises” reads the Fusbox website.

I’m a fan of art that’s accessible, but which retains its critical edge, and these projects do that. Go swing on a red swing, play on social furniture while enjoying snowballs—have adult fun.

All events are not mentioned above, just highlights. For the complete schedule visit:  Fuseboxfestival.com

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