Burning Man 2011 Opens

You know you’re in a new world order when the New York Times gives Burning Man three appearances in the Sunday paper. Including this one in Business Day speculating on the festival’s transition to nonprofit management and what it means for Larry et al.

An editorial in the Sunday review pages opined as to how among the aficionados the sold out event resulted in there having even been ticket auctions on eBay this year.

Mutopia fireworks by the Flaming Lotus Girls

And in the third story datelined Gerlach, Nev. finally in arts (where if you ask me, all this really belongs)  – Fred A. Bernstein proposes that Rod Garrett, a city planner (and the Black Rock City planner) who died at age 74 last week, belongs in the category of Haussmann, who laid out the radial Paris, and Robert Moses. Garrett is quoted in Fred Bernstein’s article as saying that Burning Man proves, “anyone can be an artist.”

Rod Garrett, City Planner, R.I.P.


Feature Image courtesy of photographer Michael Holden at MichaelHolden.com



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