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Left to right: Ande Hambuchen, Jennifer Ashton, Debi Bragg, Jason Appleton, Kathy Haggerty. ©Malik Daniels Photography

Artist and Designer Collaborate for “Ode to Modernism”

An art show curated by Jennifer Ashton of paintings by Jason Appleton with interiors designed to evoke 1920s-’30s Paris made an opening night to remember in Santa Fe in mid-March. The artist came wearing a painted suit of his own design; friends dressed in chapeaux and frills; and afterwards, chef Charles Dale of Bouche Bistro prepared a meal for the revelers. (Featured Photograph: ©Malik Daniels.)

Kathy Haggerty says, “the idea for ‘Ode to Modernism in Paris’ came about after an inspiring conversation” about the number of creative artists working in diverse disciplines in Santa Fe and New Mexico.  The project showcases Ashton’s Parisian-inspired interior curated to complement Appleton’s cubist-y canvases. Pairing art and design along with a great meal let people mingle for a long while at the March 12th opening night. The smallness of the space set off the brightly colored canvases as one would experience them in an intimate home setting. Jewelry designer Roddie Harris contributed jewelry designs to the cornucopia. The other participants in materializing Paris on Santa Fe’s Water Street were film set dresser/make-up artist Ande Hambuchen, musician Kathy Haggerty, and hair designer Debi Bragg. Charles Dale of Bouche designed a four-course dinner with wine pairings.

The show is on view through May by appointment only at:

Jennifer Ashton Design Studio

468 W. Water Street #3


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