Armchair rap on 24


Renee is actor Annie Wersching. (Nic took her pic on TV.)

Tuesday mornings my brother Ralph (in L.A.) and I trade emails on the Monday nights hour of the TV show 24.

R – Wait. Did Jack throw a screwdriver through the special ops assassins Kevlar vest? Is that possible?
N ““ LOL. Guess that proves Jack is more badass than the baddest badass the special ops have to offer!
R – Jack stole what looked like a 60s Dodge. I laughed when he pulled the lock up.
N- Maybe because it was easier to hot-wire! What happened to it anyway?
R – The senator got shot…I was totally surprised. Of course, Jack got framed for that, too. His pardons at the end of the season will be for a lot!

N – We now also know that Jon Voight owns a private army with special ops forces! (Are you kidding? the government out-sourced to him???) And check out hot FBI Renees new lower cut shirt–blue -not black–third change today. And the president got hit with a gun across the face by the African Juma and 20 minutes later her scar is gone. Her cuts gone! New makeup. This is real time, right?
R – Only 1o hours left!

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