AMoA-Arthouse Texas Prize Winner Announced

As of May 18, 2012 AMoA-Arthouse announced its Texas Prize winner Jeff Williams—University of Texas faculty member. Jeanne Claire van Ryzin of Austin 360 reports that the Texas Prize will be a triennial award from this point forward. Williams was given $30,000 as an “under-recognized professional artists working in the Lone Star state.”

Williams’ work is currently in exhibition at the Arthouse at the Jones Center, as well:

“In site-specific installations heavily reliant upon construction techniques, Williams responds to and reveals the history latent within a particular place and structure. Of interest to Williams is the narrative told by a building’s architecture, and his techniques often add to or subtract from the very fiber of a site in order to reveal the story at its core” (from the AMoA-Arthouse website).

Williams’ work will be on display through July 22.

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